Why partner with us?

We provide an efficient and cost effective export solution

We help you export your “made in Africa” goods and services to China in the most efficient, and cost effective way, without spending tons of money on staff, travel, inventory or worrying about buyers, payments, exchange rates, customs, inspections, regulations or language barriers. 

Our sample marketing program, and boots on the ground approach is the best in-class. And our Import Trading Center is the only facility of its kind in China.

Our Internet marketing, seller and buyer matching, and buyer financing programs provides you with a complete export solution. 

Import Trade Center

With the support of Meishian and Ningbo Governments, we work with Small- and medium-sized business (SMEs) exporters using our on-line trading platform and Import Trade Center facility located in Meishan Island Ningbo China. The Import Trade Center – the only Center of its kind in China – is dedicated to introducing “Africa made” goods and services to China. The 18,000 sq. ft. showroom and office accommodations and on-line platform are permanently located in Zhejiang Province, one of the wealthiest areas in China. 

Lower cost to market

The Import Center located at Meishan Ningbo Port - a major Bonded Port (Free Trade Zone with preferential policies at the highest and most advanced level in China) offers many concessions for Africa based businesses that lowers your cost to market and allows products to be sold at competitive prices in China.  

The preferential policies alone can help cut cost by 5%-30%. 

Our Marketing Sample and Test Program save you money, time and resources. The Marketing Test Program requires - no inventory – no human resources – no travel – no cost for trade shows – no learning a new language – and no looking for buyers. The cost to export is minimum. With our Sample Test-Marketing pProgram, you can test the market – and land orders - before you spend or ship inventory. 

Concessions and Tax Breaks

We’ve partnered with the government of Meishan Ningbo, along with our team and our 50 plus dedicated Chinese Staff with boots on the Ground in China; providing a level of buyer matching support, customs clearance and inspection, deal flow, concessions and tax breaks, buyer financing, export insurance and just plain business delivery that is unprecedented for a private company.  

Because of our agreement with the local government in China we receive preferential treatment on commodity inspection and customs clearance, as well as preferential policies. All these are passed on and enjoyed by our export members.


That Is Easy - Affordable - Effective!


We export across China to Business to Consumer using our e-commerce Platform and Business 2 Business using our Import Trade Center Platform. 

Products and Services Exported

Using our AmericaTowne® Import Trade Center showroom and international e-commerce platforms, and partnering with major Chinese websites and Chinese network partners, we  export a wide array "African" made goods and services including but not limited to:

  • Food - Agriculture - Seafood
  • Beverages - Wine - Spirits - Water - Other Beverages
  • Personal Care & Daily Necessities, Home Decor, Accessories & Handicraft
  • Wood - Forestry - Other
  • Equipment - Hospital - Medical Equipment - Supplies
  • Luxury - Yacht - Motorcycles, Other Luxury Items
  • Senior Care - Community - Facilities - Health - Products and Services
  • Services 1 - Tourism - Education - Leisure Property
  • Services 2 - Technology -In and outbound  Investments - Other Professional
  • Ores and Metals - Copper - Gold - Other
  • Precious and Semi Precious Stones

Added Features:

The Trade Center features an Investment Center Showroom highlighting private or local government investment projects looking to promote and fund their Africa project in China.