What do we do?

 we support farmers, workers, and businesses as they compete in China's global marketplace.

Remove Barriers

We help remove barriers; eliminate customs and inspection red tap; and provide the best in class platform to display and promote products in China in the most cost effective way.

Help you find buyers and sale

We match businesses with buyers, agents and consumers in China that want to buy products and services carrying the "made in Africa" tag. We do all of this and more.... at a very low price to market.  


Save You Money & Resources

We take all of the headaches out of exporting—language, regulations, logistics, distribution, money for new hires, the cost of travel to new markets, and finding buyers.

Import Trade Platform

Our exclusive Import Trade and Exhibition Center in the heart of Meishan Ningbo China - one of China's most important trading ports - provides  farmers, workers, and businesses and China's consumers with a unique place to go like no other place in the world to acquire imported consumer goods carrying the made in "Africa"   tags.  See facility

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