Investment Projects
The Trade Center features an Investment Center Showroom highlighting USA private or local government investment projects looking to promote and fund their projects from Africa in China.

The state of the art showroom and exhibition center let sponsors of investment projects tell the whole story about their investment projects.

Additionally, businesses, states and local governments and project owners have an opportunity to display their projects including fine details that are designed to encourage investments into their communities.


Project Funding Plan  
Project Meeting in Meishan
Project on Display in Meishan
Face to face Funding Meetings
Follow-on Service: 
Translate Products Service
Export Certification Assistance
Project Insurance and Financing
Follow on Customer Service
We will work with you for 12 months to help you secure project funding. 

Additionally, your project will be on display in the Peanut Building for 12 months. 

Please consult your Country's Representatives, Ms Rosemary Moki for further information and or details about this program.

Note: Does not include transportation and hotel accommodations.

Exhibition Export Plan  
Face to face Buyer Meetings
Follow-on Service:
Product Selection
Samples and Test Market Program
Product Market Demand
Buyer Match
Marketing Program
Distribution Network
Exhibition/Showroom Center
Bonded Duty Free
Purchase Orders
Pricing Assistance
Payment Processing
 Funds Remitted in USD
 Labeling Support
 Translate Products Service
Export Certification Assistance
Customs & Inspection Compliance
Follow on Orders
Buyer Financial Assistance
Seller Insurance and Financing
Duty Free Warehouse Program
Follow on Customer Service
Boots on the Ground Business Program

Note: Does not include transportation and hotel accommodations

State/City Presence Plan
Presence in Meishan and Shanghai Office

Support Translation Support Outbound Project Investment

State/City Life Support

State, City and local governments have an opportunity to promote their location and specific projects.

The presence in the Peanut Building at Meishan allows different US governments and municipalities to have a presence in China.

 States and localities can take advantage of state of the art facilities and conference accommodations to display their projects and communities in a cost effective way.

Meishan resides in one of the wealthiest Provinces in China allowing different entities to promote their projects and communities to upper income citizens, institutions and investment companies.