Why Export to China? 

Why Consider Exporting?

  • Exporting enables companies to diversify their portfolios and to weather changes in the domestic economy.
  • Reduced dependence on the domestic market
  • Diversified sources of revenue
  • Extended sales potential and product shelf life of existing products
  • Stabilized seasonal markets and sales fluctuations.

Tremendous Opportunity

The opportunity is so great that simply doubling the number of Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that export to 2 percent worldwide would result in approximately US$400 billion in additional exports and approximately 2 million  jobs. 

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Restructuring China’s economy and the impact on exporting and tourism

To maintain its growth and to ensure prosperity and social stability China’s government has made a strategic decision to restructure China’s economy rapidly moving from a manufacturing to a consumer-based economy. In this new economy, delivering consumer products and services and leisure and tourism are critical. 

China’s economy is growing at an unprecedented rate; when you multiply this rate by China’s 1.3 billion people you have tremendous growth and change. 

Fueled by a growing middle class with an appetite for consumer products, and now, the money to pay for them, dynamic changes are taking place in the import/export industry. 

Why Meishan?

Saving you time and Money

Using our program is cost efficient and safe. You can test your product or service in the market, find buyers, gain acceptance and expand your market. More>> 


Why Partner with Us?

With the support of Meishian and Ningbo Governments, our Import Trade Center facility is dedicated to introducing “Africa made” goods and services to China. More>> 

Your Exports to China

From Iron ore, copper and precious stones to agricultural products such as coffee and tea, there are a number of areas where you can provide exports to China. More>>


The Sample Program

The Import Sample and Test Market Program allows you to “test the market” and “demand” for your goods and services in China without spending a lot of time, money, human resources and other resources. More>>


The Evangelist Program  

As a platform member, you will have team members (Evangelists) in the USA and China assigned to help facilitate marketing, buyer matchmaking, and selling your products and services. More>> 


Three Programs to Help

You have the choice of working with three programs. First is the Regular Plan. Second is the face to face Exhibition Plan. Third is the Project Investment Plan that allows you to seek investments for Projects. More>> 


Investment Projects

Private or local government investment project managers looking to promote and fund their US project in China. More>>


Local Representation

Peanut Building at Meishan allows different Governments agencies and municipalities to have a presence in China. More>>